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Undergraduate programmes in English

■ Economics

School Programme Degree awarded
School of Economics Economics Bachelor of Economics

Economics is a well-established discipline at XMU. The programme is run on the internationally recognized educational model and students are instructed by a team of highly-qualified professors who use original English textbooks.

■ Clinical Medicine (MBBS)

School Programme Degree awarded
Medical School Clinical Medicine (MBBS) Bachelor of Medicine

XMU is one of the Chinese universities authorized by China’s Ministry of Education to enroll international students in the MBBS programme instructed in English. The programme aims to help international students to become qualified medical professionals through six years of training in the medical school and hospitals. 

Master's Programmes in English

As an internationalisation initiative, XMU has launched a few master’s programmes for international students. These programmes are taught in English and aim to bring forth high-level international specialists with a solid professional foundation plus a good understanding of the Chinese society and culture.

No. Colleges/Schools Programmes Degree Awarded
1 School of Humanities Chinese Philosophy Master of Arts
2 School of Law Civil and Commercial Law Master of Law
3 School of International Relations International Relations Master of Law
4 School of Economics International Trade Master of Economics
5 School of Managment OneMBA Master ofManagment
6 Costal and Ocean Management Institute Marine Affairs Master of Science
7 College of Chemistry and Chemical Engineering Chemical Engineering Master of Engineering
8 College of Chemistry and Chemical Engineering Physical Chemistry Master of Science
9 School of Information Science and Technology Computer Science and Technology Master of Engineering
10 Wang Yanan Institute for Studies in Economics Finance Master of Economics
11 Financial Engineering
12 Western Economics
13 Quantitative Economics
14 Management Economics
15 Institute for Financial  and Accounting Studies Accounting Master of Management
16 Finance

Doctoral Programmes in English

XMU has a team of highly qualified professors, many of whom hold doctorates from overseas universities. They are able to instruct international students in English. Currently XMU offers more than 60 doctoral programmes in English. English-medium doctoral supervisors information (Click to download).

Schools/Colleges English-medium doctoral programs
College of Humanities Chinese Philosophy, Archaeology, Chinese History, World History, Anthropology
School of Economics Statistics, World Economy, International Trade, Energy Economics
School of Management Accounting, Enterprise Management, Marketing, Management Science and Engineering, Technology Economics and Management,Finance
Wang Yanan Institute for Studies in Economics Western Economics, Finance, Quantitative Economics, Statistics, Labor Economics, Regional Economics
School of Law International Law
Institute for South China Sea Studies International Law
Intellectual Property Research Institute Intellectual Property Law
College of Foreign Languages and Cultures English Language and Literature
School of Physics and Mechanical and Electrical Engineering Electromechanical Engineering, Condensed Matter Physics, Radio Physics, Electromagnetic Field and Microwave Technology
School of Mathematical Sciences Basic Mathematics, Computational Mathematics, Probability and Mathematical Statistics
College of Chemistryand Chemical Engineering Analytical Chemistry, Organic Chemistry, Physical Chemistry, Chemistry and Physics of Polymers, Chemical Engineering , Chemical Technics , Biochemical Engineering , Industrial Catalysis, Applied Chemistry
College of Materials Materials Physics and Chemistry
School of Information Science and Technology Computer Science and Technology,  Communication and Information System
School of Life Sciences Zoology, Biochemistry and Molecular Biology, Hydrobiology, Cell Biology, Genetics
College of Ocean and Earth Sciences Physical Oceanography, Marine Biology, Marine Chemistry, Marine Physics, Marine Geology, Marine Biotechnology
College of the Environment and Ecology Environmental Science, Environmental Management, Environmental Engineering, Ecology
Costal and Ocean Management Institute Marine Affairs
School of International Relations World Economy, Theory of Political Science, International Relations
School of PharmaceuticalSciences Chemical Biology
Institute of Education Higher Education, Educational Economy and Management
Institute for Financial and Accounting Studies Accounting, Finance

Application fee:

(1) RMB 400 for long-term students (payable by degree students and general/senior scholars upon online application and by Chinese language students upon enrolment at XMU.)
(2) RMB 240 for short-term students (payable upon enrolment at XMU)

Tuition Standard for International Students 2015
Per academic year in RMB

Categories of programmes Liberal arts Science & Engineering, Medicine, Economics, Management, Law, Arts and Physical Education
Bachelor of Economics (taught in English)   34,000
Bachelor of Medicine & Bachelor of Surgery (MBBS taught in English)   38,000
One MBA (taught in English)   79,000
Master of Teaching Chinese to Speakers of Other Languages(MTCSOL) 30,000  
Master’s programmes (taught in English) 39,000 45,000
Doctoral programmes (taught in English) 42,000 55,000

Note 1:Length of undergraduate programmes: 4-5 years. Length of studies: 4-5 years for undergraduate programs (MBBS: 6 years);3 years for master’s programs; 4 years for doctoral programs (doctoral students pay tuition for a total of three years); 2 years for MBA / MTCSOL / master’s programs in English.

Note 2: Tuition fees are subject to change upon approval by the price control authorities.

Cost of course materials: On average, this amounts to RMB 400-700 per academic year.

Meals: The cost is about RMB 750 per month.

Student insurance: RMB 600 per person per year. It covers any expenses incurred as a result of medical service, hospitalisation and accidental injury.


Siming Campus: The apartments on Siming Campus are set in picturesque surroundings and well-equipped with modern facilities. Undergraduates are accommodated in four-person rooms with the monthly accommodation fee of RMB 750; master’s students live in double rooms with the monthly accommodation fee of RMB 900; doctoral students live in single rooms with the monthly accommodation fee of RMB 1,500. Holders of full scholarships or partial scholarships covering accommodation fee will enjoy the priority of living on campus over self-funded students.

Off-Siming Campus accommodation: Living off campus provides greater opportunities for international students to interact with the locals and to learn about the local community and culture. Students can choose to rent off-campus apartments and the monthly rental is around RMB 2.000 per room. When living off-campus, international students will enjoy a quite learning environment.

Xiang’an Campus: Students of the School of Life Sciences, School of Medicine, School of Pharmaceutical Sciences, School of Public Health, College of Oceanography and Earth Sciences, College of Environment and Ecology, College of Energy and Overseas Education College are accommodated on Xiang’an Campus.

The apartments on Xiang’an Campus are set in picturesque surroundings and well-equipped with modern facilities. Undergraduates live in four-person rooms with the accommodation fee of RMB 1,200 -1,600 per person per year; master’s students live in double rooms with the accommodation fee of RMB 1,600 per person per year; doctoral students live in single rooms with the accommodation fee of RMB 2,400 per person per year (Doctoral students who are required take one-year remedial Chinese courses prior to the degree studies will be accommodated in double rooms during the language learning year). Students of Overseas Education College live in double rooms with the accommodation fee of RMB 2,000 per person per year.

With its top-tier faculty, full spectrum of disciplines and comprehensive range of facilities, Xiamen University is an unmatched institution in China for international students with aspirations of pursuing an advanced education in China.


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