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General Introduction

Sun Yat-sen University, which is located in Guangzhou, was founded in 1924 by Dr. Sun Yat-sen, the great pioneer of the Chinese democratic revolution. It is a leading comprehensive university in China. The School of Information Science and Technology (SIST) was set up at the early stage of the university. In SIST, there are totally 101 faculty members, among which, two are the 1000-plan professors in China, Prof. Adrian Ioinovici and Prof. Hong Shen in addition to 32 full professors and 42 associate professors. Most of the faculty members have oversea PhD degrees. The faculties who teach foreigner students are all graduated from the world famous universities and had worked for a long period in the universities and research institutes abroad.

The students devote great passion to participate in various innovation activities and contests, such as the ACM programming and mathematic modeling competition. Among the achievements, the student teams of SIST have won 15 qualifications to the final of ACM international undergraduate programming contests.

SIST offers both intensive, cutting-edge research in computer science. SIST has three national labs, Digital Home Engineering Research Center, Digital Home Interactive Application Lab, and Chips and Systems Lab for Internet of Things. The labs have contributed to the areas of digital image and video, Internet of things and Big Data.

SIST has cooperated with several world famous universities in teaching through English, such as The Chinese University of Hong Kong, University of Glasgow, The University of Missouri-Columbia, and University of Queensland. The students that take the "2+2" undergraduate program, was taught through English in the first two years in SIST. After that, they will be admitted by those cooperating universities to continue the final two years of study, when they pass the interview of the universities.

Undergraduate Program of Computer Science and Engineering in English

Computer science and Technology is a practical art. Since it is created, it has brought the society with revolutionary innovations in entertainment, the humanities, news media, medical care, business, finance, communications, education, scientific studies, etc. In this information era, Computer Science is another key to the career of everyone in addition to language. Computer Science is playing an increasingly important role in everyday life, especially in business.

Our goal of the undergrate program in computer science and technology is to prepare students for careers in the application of computer science and technlogy in industry and business. Our students conduct research and study with the experts in computer science to solve the problems in many real world applications such as the data analysis behind electronic business and digital home, data sampling and dynamic event detection in Internet of Things. Due to the scale of users in China, the problems offers great challenges. The achievements of the study will be widely applied in the business relations between China and other contries in the world.

Students taking this undergraduate program will be taught through English. Students can also decide to take courses in Chinese themselves, such as the introduction to Chinese Literature, Chinese Language, etc., as it is a natural idea to study some topics of literal arts in China, when they come to China. They may also want to particate to the variuos exciting social activities with Chinese students, such as travelling and sport games.

Length of Study: 4 years.


Complete the on-line application procedure (
Mail the paper application materials (including applicants' signed on-line application form).

(1) Non-Chinese citizen;
(2) High school graduate;
(3) 18 – 45 years of age;
(4) Healthy.

(1) On-line Application Form;
(2) Xerox copies of passport;
(3) Diploma and transcript for senior high school;
(4)English Proficiency Certificate

All of these documents should be prepared with two copies for each.
Documents in languages other than Chinese or English must be attached with the notarized translations in Chinese or English.

Application Deadline:
  June 30, 2014.

Fees for International Students of Sun Yat-sen University (RMB)

1. Academic year's tuition fee: RMB 33000 per annum.
2. Application fee: RMB 400.
3. Overall Insurance & Benefit Plan for International Students (including Loss of Life Insurance, Accidental Injury Medical Treatment Insurance and Hospitalization Medical Insurance only):
4. Housing:
Guangzhou East Campus, there is one International Student Dormitory building (No. 3, Gezhi Yuan):
Air-conditioned Double Room :RMB6,000/person per annum 

Note: The monthly bills for electricity, the bills for telephone and cable -TV and the deposit are not included in the room rate.


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